This is a page of useful information and pages for members only. It is not linked from the website, and can only be reached by using its URL directly. Eventually this page may even be behind a log in system.

Add Family Member

If you wish to add family members to your membership, just click below and follow the instructions.

Change Of Address

If you have moved, or are about to, click here and fill in the form so we can alter our database. It’s worth remembering that if a First Drop is returned to us, you will have to cover the postage to re-send it. So please, don’t forget to let us know you’ve changed address.

‘Ton Up’ Submission

If you have recently reached a “Ton Up” coaster milestone, and want to see it included within First Drop and ECC online media, this page has been set up to make it easy to send us the details.

Membership Offers

These special offers are available to members of the European Coaster Club. The offers are presented as a PDF file, which will need Adobe Acrobat to view it.