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The European Coaster Club is a non-profit Club run by roller coaster and park enthusiasts. If you feel you can contribute in some way to the running of the Club, please do get in touch.

European Coaster Club Team

Justin Garvanovic


Marcus Gaines

Marketing & Public Relations

Crystal Alford


Oscar Abbenhuis

Benelux Team

Nicole Polak

German Rep

Jeppe Nygaard

Danish Rep

Håkan Ferner

Swedish Rep

John Ferner

Swedish Team

Daniel Torbjörnsson

Swedish Team

Trips Team

Paul Samuels

Trips Boss

Lee Green

Trips Team

Online Team

Remco Visscher

Benelux Team

Finance Team

David Ellis

Finance Boss

Susan Ellis

Finance Team

First Drop Team

Justin Garvanovic


Richard Bannister

Assistant Editor

Scott McGrath

News Editor

Andy Huckle


Jean-Marc Toussaint

Cover Design