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Wild Wild Weekend

14-16th May 1999



14th May – Travel, Düsseldorf Fair



Nikita Jegan

Two days have passed since the trip and I still can’t stop thinking about the weekend. What an excellent trip it was.

Saturday started with an overwhelming ERS on Lethal Weapon. Not having to queue for a ride is the best benefit you can get from Club membership. I tried both sides, and as I remembered from last year, the high-speed turn after the loop makes the left side the better one. Directly after that followed the surprising early morning ERS on Wild Wild West, my country’s first woodie. Anticipation grew, would it come up to my expectations?

After the first ride I was surprised and disappointed. I was surprised because for Germany’s first woodie I expected a more family orientated ride, but what I found was a large coaster with high-speed, steep drops. On the other hand I felt disappointed because due to the TÜV restrictions, the turns are performed at very slow speeds. Hoping for the coaster to run in, I waited for the evening ERS to make my final opinion. Till then we still had some hours of excellent riding.

I hope everybody tried out the cool Looney Toons Studio tour with the surprising coaster-style finale and the excellent Neverending Story, which gives the term river “rapid” a new meaning.

The well-organised lunch has to be mentioned too. The Warner Bros. chief spoke to us and it was very interesting to hear that another 34 million (Dm) will be invested in 2001. Could we have a B&M please! Poor Justin had to cope with the very cheeky toons Bugs Bunny and Sylvester.

Then the evening ERS came and luckily the coaster ran in during the day. So I can finally say that we have a very good coaster in Germany now. It won’t top my number one (the Grizzly in Paramount’s Kings Dominion), but it’s very good. It also looked like the public really enjoyed the ride, so we can hope to see more woodies in Germany soon.

On Sunday we met at Bobbejaanland in Belgium and started the day with an ERS on their double wild mouse Speedy Bob. Ten very funny rides later, we tried the other coasters: Air RaceRevolution and Looping Star. The last offered a very good high-speed ride.

Finally, I want to thank everybody who was involved in the organisation for this excellent weekend. Endless riding and getting to know new fanatics, what more can you want. It was definitely not my last trip.


Chris & Claire McFarlane

Firstly, many thanks for another good European trip on the Wild, Wild, Weekend trip, which we both enjoyed a lot. The Düsseldorf fair, was enjoyable and the hour or so that we had there was enough to sample its delights, with the kiddie Speedy Gonzales coaster proving a bit of a talking point.

Warner Bros. Movie World was an enjoyable day and it was good for us to get return there and get back on the Neverending Story, which must be one of the best rapids around. Not to mention Lethal Weapon, Bermuda Triangle and the Looney Tunes Studio Tour. Wild Wild West was OK, but we would like to ride it towards the end of the season when it has been run in a little more.

Speedy Bob at Bobbejaanland was a fun ride, as was their new rapid-style water slide and it was good to see that their Looping Star was running as good as new.

Finally, thanks to everyone involved in organising the trip for a great weekend and especially to the staff at WBMW for their hospitality, including Bugs Bunny and Sylvester, and to Dave the driver.


Steve Coomber

The first part of the trip was a surprise visit to a German fair. Although it was a small fair by Germany’s standards, it was still larger than most British ones. It had a Wild Mouse that was good fun and had a couple of good spin and spews to contend with as well. It was a nice surprise as it was good to have some fun after a long day of travelling.

Warner Bros. Movie World was definitely the highlight of the trip. The theming was Disney quality throughout. The Lethal Weapon ERS was very good – and it’s a really good ride. I liked the last inversion, especially! You hang out of your seat for a couple of seconds, but it did get a bit painful after the fifth go!

Wild Wild West was a good ride, except for the bumpy bits. Not a bad effort for Germany’s first woodie. Probably the best ride at Movie World was the NeverEnding Story. The theming was really good and there was plenty of music to enhance the experience. It’s the fastest rapids ride I have ever been on. Thankfully, you don’t get too wet either.

There were some good shows including the Marvin the Martian 3D show. The only attraction that was not very good was the Behind the Scenes Tour. You had a good view of some warehouses and that was about it. No wonder there was no queue for it!

The staff at Movie World made every effort to make this a great day. The food was great too. They really do deserve a big thank you for all their efforts. I really enjoyed it. Shame about the smell of sewage in the Gotham City area though. Maybe that was part of the theming!

Bobbejaanland reminded me of Alton Towers. It is a very big park with all the rides spread around so you have to spend quite a bit of time walking. The ERS on Speedy Bob was good fun, but it took the operators a while to get going!

The Air Race swing coaster was a bit tame. One ride was enough. However, the indoor Log Flume was good, even though I got soaked on it. One member got drenched from head to toe.

The Looping Star was very good as well, with some nice ‘g’ forces on the loop. The park also had an unusual indoor coaster that had a really long train. It was OK but not thrilling.

The highlight of the park was the rubber boated water ride. It was great fun, especially with eight of us!

Thanks go to Warner Bros. for a magic day and ECC for organising yet another great trip.


Justin Garvanovic

As ever, I would like to thank everyone who attended the trip and for making it one of our best yet. We started the trip with a surprise visit to a “small” German fair that only had two small coasters in attendance. By German standards it didn’t even register as anything major, to someone used to British fairs, it was incredible! There was a small coaster called Speedy Gonzales that managed to pack a large punch considering its size. If I can, I like to add surprises to trips, but this ride even surprised me.

Warner Bros. couldn’t have been better hosts if they’d tried. They even moved an ERS to the morning as the evening session might be too late (the coach driver needs to be parked up for nine hours at night). When they realised that Wild Wild West wasn’t running as well as it could do in the morning, they added another session that night. As the coach had to leave as early as possible, they allowed us to park it in the park, next to the coaster! And indeed it proved to be worth it, as the evening session was much better than the morning one in both atmosphere and ride quality.

Other highlights of the day included: seeing our name in lights on the park’s message board, NeverEnding Story (still the best rapids I have ever been on), Bermuda Triangle and Lethal Weapon.

The food was also something out the ordinary – it’s always a surprise to be served good quality food at a park, and here we had some of the best food I have ever seen at a park.

I would like to thank Christian Angenvoort at Warner Bros. who did a superb job in organising our day there.

Bobbejaanland is an interesting park! It has a fairly large selection of coasters, some being unique such as Air Race and Revolution. But it does seem to me that the park needs a “signature” ride that stands out. There is talk of a new inverted coaster, and it would definitely be a move in the right direction, but I can’t help thinking that a wooden coaster would look great here. Although I could say that for every park!

Without a doubt, the ride that was enjoyed by most was Bobby Drop, the rubber ring rapids-style ride. It’s amazing how much fun can be had from such a simple and relative inexpensive ride. Of course, it helped that we rode it together, so the boats were generally filled with members. But still, it really wouldn’t be beyond many parks to install one of these, and I am sure they wouldn’t regret it.

So that about wraps it up, many thanks to everyone who helped with the trip, and I hope to see  you all again soon.