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Pleasureland Hands on 8
In a Spin 2

4-5th September 2004

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Mark Riley
This weekend, the Club visited two of the nicest Parks in the UK! I write this because Southport and Camelot are always so welcoming when we approach them regarding the next trip. It’s always a great pleasure to return.

This trip also marked the first time that the 235 Club and the ECC worked together. 235 Club was responsible for liaising with Southport Pleasureland and for running the day. Barrie and Adam did a great job and arranged ERSs in the ever popular Fun House, as well as a joint session on TraumaTizer and Cyclone. The mountain of food traditionally offered by the park continued with the breakfast snack, fantastic buffet lunch and afternoon cake!

Camelot is fun for small kids as well as the bigger ones! Once again we enjoyed a full hour of exclusive ride time on Whirlwind. The park also gave all attendees vouchers for their lunchtime meals. For the second year, the park gave us a great day to round off the weekend.

Simon Baynham
Camelot was great, especially the ERS on Whirlwind. I finally discovered how to get those cars spinning. You need two people in the backwards position with no riders seated in the front; which I suppose is only possible during an ERS.

Talhat Mahmood
Plenty of rides on the Whirlwind coaster ERS due to the lower than usual turn out.

John Livesey
Just to say that the trip was a great success! The weather was pretty kind to us for once — slight drizzle in the morning followed by glorious sunshine in the afternoon.