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Furious Inferno


16-17th October 2004

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Mark Riley
The final trip of 2004 was to the two southern Tussauds parks. First up was Chessington World of Adventures and a morning ERS on the ever-popular Vampire. For many it was the first time they had tried the new floorless trains, and they were met with very warm reactions. The very efficient staff ensured everyone enjoyed plenty of rides!

Dragon’s Fury, the park’s new Maurer spinning coaster, was the main reason for our trip here. A full one-hour ERS ended our day at Chessington and proved to be fantastic fun. With a light sprinkle of rain falling, the cars surged at full-pelt around the long and unique layout. Again, the excellent ride staff kept the short wait to a minimum. Great stuff!

And so, after previously visiting Alton Towers, Heide Park and Chessington, it was time for us to visit the forth and final Tussauds Theme Park – Thorpe Park. The scheduled morning Colossus ERS was extended to include Samurai for those who would rather spin than loop. The group meal was held at the Bush Barbecue, where everyone was very well catered for.

Then it was time for the final ERS of the year – on the mighty Nemesis Inferno! A military style drill was set in place to fill every train and in record time! Once again many rides were had by all.

The ERS rounded off another great weekend and another non-stop trips year.

James Salter
My first club trip, and now I wish I’d gone on one sooner! A brilliant if rather rainy weekend. The evening ERS on Dragon’s Fury was definitely the highlight.

Bob Clark
Nemesis Inferno – A brilliant ERS, despite the rain – a fitting end to a superb 2004 coastering season – thanks to all the team.

David & Susan Ellis
Dragon’s Fury was excellent, far exceeding our expectations, with loads of spinning fun, an interesting layout and a lovely pop of airtime on the stall turn too. A great way to finish the coaster season.