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Oakwood Overnighter 6

6-7th August 2004

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Justin Garvanovic
This years Oakwood Overnighter had a distinct “wet” feel to it. We like to try different things at the park, so this year we had our Saturday morning ERS on the Waterfall. This – of course – led to everyone getting soaked, which wasn’t helped by the fact we also had water bombs that rained down pretty much continuously.

For the second year running we did a night time ERS on the Tree Tops coaster, which worked really well, especially as almost everyone had decked themselves out with flashing headbands and sparkly whirly things! It certainly added to the ERS seeing streams of flashing lights whiz in and out of the trees.

Megafobia – as ever – was the star of the show, and rightly so. There’s little better than a night time, pitch black, ERS on the “Welsh Wonder.” The ERS was made all the more unique when as it drew to a finish; one of the new operators was plunged into the adjacent lake as a “welcome to the park” by his work colleagues. He seemed very happy to have been welcomed into the park in such a manner.

Beyond all this though is a trip that is all the more special due to the communal atmosphere that is created. The large organising team put a lot of work into the trip, and it’s always good to see it pay off. It’s the trip I look most forward to every year.

Malcolm Marr
I thought that Oakwood would offer me a respite, but it was much more intense than the Germany trip could ever have been!

Trev Williams 
Thanks to everyone involved in the trip I had a great time.

Lee & Spencer Sullivan
Yes its all been said before but as ever the event get’s bigger and better.

Thanks to:- Mark, Liz, Justin, Big Jim, Fire-fighter/Vidi van man Kev, and everyone else (you know who you are…)

The amount of kit this year was unreal, all including the kitchen sink. all we need for next year is a WASP catcher…..

Last but by no means least a Very Big Thanks to Paddy and all his staff.

John Wilkes
Thanks to everyone involved in the trip. Here’s to next year. It was great to se so many new faces there, made me feel like I have been doing this for a long time now!

Hopefully see you all at another trip sometime soon, or more likely Oakwood 2005.

Simon Naylor
Thanks to all involved in organising this trip, its the first Oakwood trip we have done and an excellent one it was too, can’t wait for next years, riding Megafobia in the dark as got to be one of the best ride ERSs going.

Buffet lunch and BBQ were excellent, I wasn’t expecting free beer as well.

I cant see how this can be bettered for next year.

Andy Rathe
I would like to thank EVERYONE who organised the trip, arranged the campsite, cooked at the BBQ, fetched food and beer from the supermarket, etc etc. Having been the third Oakwood trip I have attended, it really does get better every year! Thanks to everyone involved.

Steve Brett and Martian Robertson
We applaud you all for your efforts, say it every year, can’t possibly get any better, and it always does!! Great to see some old faces and a lot of new ones, it truly is the weekend we really look forward to every year. Very well done again to everyone who helped in some way.

See you all soon hopefully.

Greg Pearn
I’d like to add my thanks to the team that made the Oakwood event such good fun this year.

3rd time with the ECC but the first time camping (why didn’t we camp sooner?!?!).

Some highlights for me:

Oakwood – still one of the best UK parks by far. They have a winning formula that so many big corporate parks can only dream of having.

Lunch Buffet – put other park’s catering to shame.

BBQ – the food was EXCELLENT! Well done to Jim and all those involved with the cooking. Plenty of food and good quality too – loved the kebabs!

‘Fobia ERS – I don’t think I’ve yet to take a night ride when the stars haven’t been shining. As always, a world class coaster.

Camping – great fun from start to finish!

Groveland – Oakwood it most definitely is not! It’s more like a ride retirement home where old rides go to work their last days before falling to pieces. Funny but only because it was so bad…!

A fantastic three days so thanks to everyone who made it such fun.

I look forward to next years trip 

Tony Hall & Alan Rose
Thanks to all involved in another GREAT trip to Oakwood. No real complaints at all apart from psycho wasps (not much we can do about them although the litter in the Megafobia queue line didn’t help!)

Weather was great, food great, ERSs great even if I did nearly drown on the Waterfall Justin. I dunno the things we do to get our names in print :))))

Nice to see so many people camping even if we nearly all get blown away in the early hours of Sunday morning!

Highlights of the trip for us was our own private ERS on Megafobia this morning in the pouring rain. Just me, Alan, Carrie, Dave, Alan P and Paul A on the train for three goes without stopping singing the Lone Ranger, the Can Can and In the Hall of the Mountain King as we rode. It was very surreal!!!

Megafobia itself was even better this morning than last night, fairly rocketing round the track in the rain and the up stop wheels were going sonic when we hit the brakes LOL The Bounce was also running really well, Plane Crazy is great fun and we also became tragically addicted to the Dance Stage Euromix machine despite a seven year old girl wiping the floor with our high scores!!!

Kev “Quiz Meister” Winkley
On Top of what Tony has said, I can only second this…..

This years trip was the best yet,

From an “insider” point of view – as one of those who helps organise this event – I must thank the rest of the members for turning up and making all the last few weeks (months) running about so worthwhile… this trip just get better & better…

Special thanks – on my part – go to :-

Justin, Marin & Tom – for getting there early and getting things moving

Terry Lyon – For his innovative use of Scaffolding & Lights

Jim L  – For filling my morning room & cellar full of clutter for 2 weeks ;-P (JOKE!) I MEAN for his excellent BBQ building & tending skills… I personally *really* do feel Jim is the unsung hero of this trip… the amount of work he puts into making the BBQ happen is Amazing!!!!

James Lloyd – for providing a Big Brother TV feed for those that mithered me for it (and for going to France to get the Beer for you Lot!!!!!

Rebecca – for all the catering expertise she brought to this years trip, Mushy Peas & Beans are the future. Though a pan full of cold onions at 8am on Sunday is not a pretty smell!

Liz FK for everything she does …building kebabs, selling stuff, giving out badges… you know the score

Martin Porter – For Sun Cream & Aftersun – I tend to forget I’m bald at times

Trips monkeys.. although absent…thanks for your efforts….

Paddy & the staff ….need I say more???????

Finally, thanks to you lot….. for making it all worthwhile… and putting up with my quiz for an hour & a half!

If I’ve forgotten anyone….. SORRY! it was not intentional… It’s late, I got up at 7am.. travelled for 6 hrs, had tea, went to work and am finally hitting the sack…..

Once again… see you all next year and Thanks!