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Perfect 10


19-20th July 2004

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Mark Riley
Our visit to Alton Towers and Drayton Manor was to mark the occasion that both Nemesis and Shockwave had hit double figures! To celebrate these special birthdays, we organised a party to last the whole weekend!

Alton Towers really looked after the group with a morning ERS on Nemesis, a great buffet lunch together with a question and answer session with park managers, and a fantastic hour long ERS on Spinball Whizzer. We really couldn’t have wished for more. To make our feelings known the Club presented an award for Nemesis to Mark Kerrigan, the Ride Manager.

Our annual visit to Drayton Manor is always a great event, especially when we begin the day with an exclusive ride session on the truly terrifying Apocalypse! Watching first-time riders is almost as much fun as riding the drop-tower ourselves!

Drayton also excels with their famous Sunday roast meal. Everyone enjoyed the excellent group lunch before heading back to the park for more fun including various ride take-overs.

Simon Baynham
The coaster of the day was definitely Nemesis: ten years young and very much a pleaser; I had a smile from ear to ear whilst riding this.

Andy, Clare and Thomas Wright
We had the time of our lives on this trip; people, food, and, of course, hospitality were all great.

Greg Pearn
We got some spiel during lunch about ‘exciting changes’ at the park. I couldn’t help feeling I’ve heard it all before. I want to believe it but just can’t right now. Each visit highlights another backward step taken.