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Summer Coasting


21-22nd August 2004

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Mark Riley
It’s been a long time since the Club visited Flamingo Land, so it was about time we returned!

Our planned ERS on Magnum Force was preceded by a surprise ERS on The Bullet! Members who had not yet ridden The Bullet were amazed by the rides intensity and power – it is truly one of a kind. But the best was yet to come with a one hour ERS on the fantastic Magnum Force. With some very exciting developments on the horizon, I am sure we will return to Flamingo Land very soon!

Our Club’s first official visit to Lightwater Valley was a very memorable one! The park provided a very good buffet lunch for the group before an evening ERS on The Ultimate, one of the world’s longest roller coasters. The staff really made our hour on The Ultimate extra special, creating a real party atmosphere. Many regular trip goers commented afterwards that the ERS was one of the best ever!

David and Susan Ellis
We got back to Lowestoft from Lightwater Valley at 11.15pm. Susan and I only attended the Sunday event, although we were “up that way” on Saturday, seeing some of the Yorkshire Dales countryside and also visiting the Forbidden Corner, a strange Treasure Hunt-type attraction, with lots of things to discover in woods, old castles, etc. Well worth doing if you are in the Yorkshire Dales area.

Lightwater Valley seemed to have a lot of rides breaking down today. The Ultimate was down for a large part of the day (but fortunately was fixed in good time before our evening ERS), the Grizzly Bear (Pinfari Wildcat) broke down, the Ladybird coaster was down for a while, and some of us had the joy of 4 consecutive E-stops on Trauma Tower (a large Moser Frog-Hopper ride).

After the 4 E-stops it was down for the rest of the day!

Fortunately the weather stayed dry, despite the mixed forecast. The day’s highlights included the Eagle’s Claw, an Afterburner that went higher than any I have seen before, my first ECC Dodgems Display Team performance (which got the lady operator literally crying with laughter!), and the jolly crew who ran the Ultimate ERS tonight. During the ERS, most club members lasted the full 5 runs on the powerful terrain coaster, a feat that was accompanied by much merriment… including a full trainload of riders and staff singing and performing YMCA through the station! The staff certainly enhanced the ERS, giving things a definite party atmosphere.

As with many of the trips the only drawback was the long journey home.

Justin Garvanovic
I would like to add that I think this was one of the most fun ERSs I have ever been involved in.

Simon Baynham
I really did enjoy being thrown left and right, a chaotic and out-of-control experience that was so bad it was good!