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Coaster Adventure
American Adventure


17th October 1998




Mathew Jones

The morning started with me making the one hour drive up to Derby with fellow member Andy Haley. We had both been on several Club trips before, and so had experienced a few Exclusive Ride Sessions, but the main reason why we both decided to attend this Club trip was for the ERS with a difference: an ERS on the 200ft (61m) Sky Coaster!

I have been on a few Sky Coasters over the years and have to admit that I absolutely love them, but I had never been on one of the 200ft models. The park itself was fairly empty, and all of the rides were a walk on. At about midday we all gathered outside the Sky Coaster and split ourselves up into smaller groups of two or three. During the ERS, I managed three rides on the Sky Coaster and I was very impressed with it. It was definitely worth the drive up to Derby!

All in all, it was a very quiet trip but a good trip nonetheless. I was amazed at how empty the park was. We all prefer to visit parks when they are not busy as it adds up to more coaster time, but I think that this park was a little too quiet! With that said, I had a great time, and I’m sure that the other attendees did as well.