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Hands on IV &
Rumble in the Jungle

14-15th October 2000





Carl Dickson
First up was an ERS on the Cyclone. For a smallish woodie, it is packed with airtime, and in most seats too! Pretty good in my book. Second was an ERS on the TraumaTizer and King Solomon’s Mines (Rebuilt Wooden Mouse). As ‘Solomon’s Mines was not operational for the start, I decided to ride TraumaTizer first, albeit with hesitation. I found out that I did not need to worry. Although a SLC, I was quite shocked at how smooth it was; hardly any head-banging at all! For once you can enjoy every one of the insanely twisted inversions without the worry of getting a severe headache. Excellent. At the end of that ERS, King Solomon’s Mines was operating. I had one go, and that was enough! Very rough, and some bruises are given.

Next up was the Fun House. Best part of the day. The Joy Wheel, Social Mixer, Crazy Steps, Spinning Barrel, and Ball Pond all added up to lots and lots of fun, although, six members in the ball pond turned out to be a vicious experience. For those persons who ended up trying to bury me in the Ball Pond, be warned – I will have my revenge next year!


Adrienne Smith
May I say thank you for a great weekend. Everyone is friendly and helpful at Southport, even the ‘cool’ guy on TraumaTizer. I think our fun rubs off on them and they enjoy themselves too. The Cyclone was as great as ever, even more so on the back seat.

Knowsley Safari Park was very quiet but we had a good day. The talk by the curator was extremely interesting, he really knows his stuff. We were privileged to go on the safari trip, which was made very interesting, and by far the safest way to visit the baboons! It’s the first time we’ve virtually had a whole park to ourselves – they just followed us round opening up rides as we wanted them.


Chris McFarlane
The Hands On Days at Pleasureland Southport are always popular days and this year attendees enjoyed TraumaTizer, the CycloneKing Solomon’s Mines and the Fun House as well as meals and refreshments in the Casablanca restaurant. The track walk of the Cyclone was called off due to the weather.

It is good to see that the park has improved over recent years and started to get the attractions that it deserves. The days of the concessions at the park are numbered and it certainly shows with the many improvements that are continually happening.

2000 was a very big year for Knowsley Safari Park. Amongst other things, they doubled the amount of amusements they had. The increase was due to the direction and persuasion of Club member Andy Preston. These additions included Viper (Pinfari coaster), Flying Eagles (Flying Scooters), Pirate Ship, Crazy Barrels, Safari Train, etc.

Held the day after the Hands On 4 event, Rumble in the Jungle was a good way to allow members the chance to see what the Safari Park had to offer. A lucky few had the chance to go around the safari drive in the park bus with the animal curator, who also gave a talk to all attendees after lunch.