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White Knuckle Weekend 3

1-2nd July 2000


1st July – Blackpool Pleasure Beach

2nd July – Blackpool Pleasure Beach



Simon Baynham
Just a note to say “Thank you” for making Philip and I feel very much a part of the ECC Trip. It was obvious that you went ‘out of your way’ to make us feel welcome – you succeeded! Thanks.

Philip says that he enjoyed it, although we were both very tired. I had a terrific time, especially during the ERSs/hand slapping etc. Unfortunately, Philip is not a roller coaster fanatic (yet!), during the Grand National ERS he wanted to go and play the fruit machines in the arcade opposite (Fruit Machine vs Grand National – tough decision!)

I look forward to joining you on future trips.


David Dowson
Just a quick note to thank you for another great trip. Despite the best efforts of the weather and general unfortunate circumstances, such as problems with the Big One, the trip was a great success. The ERS on the Steeplechase was great with all three tracks running, something I have not seen for a long time.

The fast pass for Valhalla was a great concession from BPB and even though I only rode three times, each ride was different in the number of effects working or not working and the amount of water in the boat. I do worry that in a couple of years Valhalla may just be a dark boat ride as maintenance and the cost of the effects increases. I hope I am wrong!

Once again many thanks and hope to see you on a trip again shortly.


Carl Dickson
Just a quick note to say that I had a superb time on my first Blackpool trip with the ECC. It was the best trip to BPB I have ever had!

Valhalla is the best indoor flume I have ever seen. Even though all the effects are not working properly (especially the snow! Where was it?), it is an excellent ride. The section where you drop into a replica of the station on fire is breathtaking. The ERS on Valhalla did not go quite as planned, but the option to use our trip badges as Fast Passes made up for it. But on Sunday, while you were watching Eclipse, the Valhalla queue was at its lowest all weekend. The ride was working at its best but absolutely nobody was queuing for it!! So between 15:00 up until close I managed to clock up over 30 rides, with ten of those in one hour! I ended up heading back to my hotel completely drenched through and dripping water everywhere. Excellent Fun.

Other highlights were, the Grand National/Ice Blast ERS, surprise ERS on the Big Dipper, the very good Hot Ice show, excellent food at Thor’s and the Paradise Room. Riding the reverse bungee is excellent, but nothing like as good as a SCAD Dive!


John Livesey
Nerve-wracking is the phrase that springs to mind. This was my first trip as the new “Trips Monkey” and although I’d not organised the trip, Chris McFarlane had done an excellent job with that, Justin thought it’d be a good idea for me to “run” it.

I’d no idea how much time and effort goes in to trips behind the scenes. You have to make sure that you arrive at the next venue/ride well in advance to make sure everything is ready for when the masses arrive. You also have to take time to chat to the people that matter on park. It’d be a bit rude if you just ran amok without saying hello or thank you!

This trip was my first encounter with Brian Robinson aka Dolly. For those who don’t know him, he can be described as a larger than life “character” and for some reason he took a shine to me. Much of his comments were quite risqué and he always managed to embarrass me!

On the Saturday evening the worst thing happened… the Big One’s lift motor broke down. So, no ERS on the Sunday morning unless they could fix it overnight. This seemed unlikely because special equipment was needed to replace it. Although an obvious disappointment to everyone, the park still offered us other rides to make up for it. It was from that moment on that I decided the Big One ERS will always be on a Saturday, just in case!

I was relieved by Sunday lunchtime that the trip had gone so well. Justin had told me earlier that all the stress and anxiety is worth it when you see smiling faces at the end of the trip. How right he was!