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Apocalypse Now

20th May 2001



David Ellis
Our ERS on Apocalypse was extended to 10:30 thanks to the brilliant staff at DMP.


Adam Slevin
An hour on Apocalypse! Joy! Watching all the Apocalypse virgins made for some good pictures. Golden Nuggets was fun as ever, and Shockwave backwards was something different shall I say!


John Livesey
One word of warning to our male members. Don’t ride the stand-up side of Apocalypse with both your legs and feet dangling free! The reason? A rapid re-arrangement of a certain area of your anatomy… The highlight of the Stormforce session was seeing Justin and Tony Pycroft battling to try and get Tony’s waterproof off. Justin won and Tony got soaked!


Chris Hull
Many thanks to all who were involved with the DMP trip on Sunday. It proved to be the climax of a great weekend.

Like many others I was an Apocalypse virgin and faced a baptism of fire. Now I can see what others have been going on about! Quite a ride – I want one! The Stormforce 10 siege was also a laugh; some poor guy and his kids ended up getting swept along with 90 mad ECC members. I’m sure it’s something that he and the ride operators won’t forget in a hurry.

The other main surprise was having the chance to ride Shockwave backwards! The backseat offered the most amazing views of where you’d been! The doubletakes from the public each time a train went round were hilarious!


Chris Jones
The take over of Stormforce 10 went pretty well! “How many people are there in your party?” “Ninety” we replied!


Tony Hall
A big thank you too all those involved in the organisation. A really great day topped off by a good 90 mins on Shockwave and as for backwards riding… It’s insane but I loved it.


James Hulme
This was was my first ever ECC trip and it was brilliant! We certainly got our money’s worth and the roast lunch was great. Apocalypse has to be the single most terrifying ride I have ever been on, standing up anyway.


John Livesey
This was our first Club trip to Drayton Manor and the start of the now infamous roast dinner lunch at the Hamilton Suite. It was interesting to see a park offer us something above the norm with regards the park meal that was part of the trip.

We had no idea what to expect from the park on our first visit but they certainly pulled out all the stops for us. To start we had a 90 minute ERS on Apocalypse, although we had only asked for an hour! To me Apocalypse is probably the scariest drop tower in the UK. It still “gets” me even though I’ve now ridden it scores of times.

The rest of the day went off really well. It was one of the first times we’d had something more substantial than burger and chips, and what a difference it made. It was great to see so many happy faces munching their way through a 3-course silver service dinner. I really value the social side of the trips and the lunchtime is the best time to get everyone together so they can chat and make new friends. The setting at Drayton is perfect for this, which is why it’s one of my favourite trips of the year.

Impromptu ride take-overs happened during the day. Of course we all get soaking wet on Stormforce 10 but that’s half the fun… I’m sure that members of the public thought we were just a bunch of madmen (and women)!

Drayton Manor made us all feel very welcome and the trip has already established itself a regular slot in the trip calendar.