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Expedition Germany

27-30th September 2001




David Ellis
Susan and I had never been to Europa Park before, so we were not prepared for just how beautifully themed it was. I had heard many a good word about it, but no words can truly explain how lovely the park and hotel are.

Europa Park itself is the best themed park I have ever visited. The rides are unusual (many unique in design) and the staff are excellent. We had a really interesting tour around the park including the construction site for Silver Star (next year’s B&M Hyper Coaster), followed by being led past the public straight onto Euro-MirEuro-Sat and Matterhorn Blitz.

Next up was Holiday Park, starting with a 45 minute ERS on Expedition Ge-Force (EGF). Having done two other Intamin / Stengel modern Steelies (Millennium Force and Superman: Ride of Steel at New England) I knew that this was going to be special. I was not wrong. The twisting drop is so smoooooooth, and there is some great airtime. The layout bends all over the place, and there is one brilliant bit where the ride tilts from right to left in a smooth transition that looks impossible to perform. I rate EGF above Millennium Force but below Superman. Despite being smaller than other Intamin / Stengel rides, the whole ride experience is one of the best in coasterdom, and is easily the best steel coaster in Europe.

Six Flags Belgium was an unexpected park and it was nice to see it in the sunshine and to add another woodie to my count. Weerwolf was an OK coaster with a few pops of airtime. Nothing special but I have ridden plenty worse.


Nige Harness
Just wanted to say thanks to Justin and John for an excellent trip, my first and certainly not my last! Expedition GeForce has to be one of the best, if not the absolute best steelies in the world at the moment. I loved it !


Carl Dickson
Europa is, without a doubt, the best theme park in the world. This was my second visit to the park and I was just as stunned as the first time. The rides are top quality, the theming is superb, and they have the best park staff ever!

Then on to Holiday Park and the stunning Expedition GeForce. I can’t even begin to describe how incredible that ride is! The first drop is breathtaking, and the airtime all around the circuit is superb. Holiday Park definitely have a first class coaster on their hands. Expedition GeForce is the best steel coaster I have ever been on. Be careful of low flying birds when you ride it! A pigeon struck my brother’s restraint during the third overbanked turn. All we saw were feathers!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we ended up with Six Flags Belgium! I do not like this park at all!!! When it used to be Walibi Wavre, it was a great park. Ever since Six Flags have took over, it has gone downhill faster than an avalanche! The shortest ERS in history on Weerwolf, two rides then the public was let in. So much for our 30 mins!


Gary Bleads
A big thank you to John and Justin for organising the trip – it was great fun. It was good to meet so many other Club members for the first time.


Justin Garvanovic
This was our second trip to Europa Park, and our first to Holiday Park. Europa is always a firm favourite with everyone, and Holiday Park, thanks to the superb Expedition GeForce, would now become one. The third park was originally going to be Telecoo in Belgium, but late in the day it changed its operating schedule, so we had to cancel. We added Six Flags Belgium at the last minute, and were grateful to them for being able to help us out.

The final hotel of the trip was an interesting one. It was at Spa in Belgium, a very “swanky” area, not that we knew this when John booked it. Upon arrival we noticed a signed picture of the England Football team on the wall – when asked about, it was revealed they stayed there during a European Championship!

Best of all, they had a pool, that a few of us took advantage of that night – it’s definitely a good way to wind down after a long hard day’s coastering! Upon getting out of the pool we had to walk back through the hotel, and right through the centre of a wedding reception that was very much black tie! Fantastic.