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Colossos CoasterBahn

17-20th August 2001



Chris Hull
I managed just four hours sleep before it was down to breakfast and onto Heide Park for the early morning ERS on Colossos. Visually, the coaster is stunning but we had been warned by Justin about the early hour for the ERS and the fact that it had been trimmed. The ride itself was a surprise and a mix of an experience. It’s a woodie that rides like a steelie. It is so smooth – too smooth perhaps? I don’t know. It would be hard to compare this ride with another woodie as it has a completely different way of running, but then again it’s not a steel coaster. There was certainly evidence that there could be some serious airtime.

On Sunday morning we all met up in the fair for ERSs on AlpinaBahn and Spinning Racer. Angela Bruch also arranged for the trim brakes on Alpina to be switched off for our ERS! To top this we were entitled to ride both rides for free for the rest of the day! Again the Bruch’s showed their amazing generosity. Many many thanks to Angela for this.

Soon it was time for me to leave and fly back to Birmingham. Boo-hoo!! However, the fair was quite a sight from the plane as I flew overhead!


Stuart Wright
Many thanks to John, Justin, and everybody else responsible for organising this trip. It was a first class trip all ways round, including the weather you ordered, just perfect. Our hosts on the various sites were most generous, with Angela and family way out in front. Once again many thanks for a super weekend.


Andy Rathe
This was my first European trip. I enjoyed every minute of it and met loads of new friends.


Carl Dickson
Friday afternoon at the fair was excellent. There were some seriously good spinners in attendance, and of course not forgetting the excellent AlpinaBahnSpinning Racer, and Star World (which is my new #1 enclosed coaster! – it is now 1,000 times better than DLP’s Space Mountain!)

The night was spent in the beer tent and the atmosphere in there was magical! All of us were involved in many conga lines around the beer tables, plus lots and lots of singing and dancing!

The visit to Heide Park was very good. However, Colossos is not one of the best coasters I have been on. The airtime on those first three drops is amazing, but it was really rough each time the train bottomed out of the drops. I got a severe headache just after a few rides on it. Heide Park has some excellent rides including the wettest log flume I have ever been on, which was made by Schwarzkopf.


John Livesey
The first of two German trips this year and as part of the ongoing improvements to trips I decided to offer flights to Germany rather than endure a nine-hour coach journey. It was very nerve-wracking due lots of money having to be paid up front, but in the end the trip was over-subscribed so I knew it was the way to go for future trips.

The main draw was the new Intamin woodie Colossos, but we also visited the Summer Dom fair in Hamburg and Hansa Park.

Colossos was reported as being great fun to ride. It was fast and full of airtime but didn’t quite feel like a woodie due to the new manufacturing process.

Attendees were allowed to climb all over the Spinning Racer coaster at the Summer Dom during a morning ERS and, as always, the Bruch family were very accommodating.

The trip ended up at Hansa Park in furthest Northern Germany. We were escorted as first riders to the park’s main rides and the attendees certainly appreciated the gesture.

Trips would never be the same again after this one because nine-hour coach journeys would be a thing of the past. All I had to do now was think of new destinations for forthcoming trips.