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White Knuckle Weekend 4

30th June to 1st July 2001




Kev Winkley
Thanks to all involved from the Club side and all staff at BPB for bending over backwards to make us so welcome. Special mentions to the catering dept. for feeding us so well – a particular passion of mine – and to Mark and Trevor, our Behind the Scenes guides whose banter to each other made for a both amusing and informative tour.

We started with an ERS on the Big One, which blew away the fuzziness from the night before. After the ERS a wander round the rest of the park was in order, taking in the usual rides: Big Dipper‘National etc.; and some of the more gentle rides, such as Alice in Wonderland, Noah’s Ark, Gold Mine etc.

The Rollercoaster ERS was a highlight of the weekend for me. It seemed to be really flying, especially the last seat of the first car. When I sat there and the train flies into that tunnel I’m sure my backside was about 4ft in the air! It’s good for members of the public to see us all riding this often over looked ride, as any attention, and subsequent patronage it gets can only be a good thing.

We finished the weekend with Eclipse – a great show, with some effects. Unfortunately, Annette felt too hot so we only managed the first half – I guess the heat was too intense (in-tents, geddit?)


Simon Naylor
Many thanks to John, the park management and all others involved with this excellent trip.


Carl Dickson
I think Valhalla is now the finest indoor water ride in Europe. It is just spectacular! It is worth getting completely drenched just to see the effects. They are breathtaking. Especially the water vortex, and the lightning section (which was a lot more powerful than last year).


Adrienne Smith
Thanks for all the ERSs. We got into double figures on the Big One and 19 on Ice Blast. I loved the Ice Show (but then I have seen it 14 times so far this season). How about a back stage tour in wardrobe and the new recording studio next year. Also – what about a Valhalla walk?


Kevin Mee
What a great weekend with loads of ERSs. The behind the scenes tour was very informative. The BPB Staff really look after you. Thank you.


James Hulme
I was lucky enough to go to the Blackpool trip on the Saturday. It was brilliant. I had a great time and the ERS on the Big One was amazing. I was trying to work out just how good value the trip was. The value of my nine rides on The Big One alone fully covered what I had paid for the trip and I got everything else (the Rollercoaster, lunch etc) for free.


John Livesey
Our fourth visit to BPB and my first one in charge “proper.” I had a hard act to follow because Mark Cook and Chris McFarlane had done such good jobs in the past few years.

I wanted to start my BPB trip career off with something different, but at the last minute it was cancelled. We had decided to offer a behind the scenes tour of BPB on the Sunday. What we were hoping to add this year was a chance to see Valhalla with the lights on, but unfortunately due to operating requirements, we didn’t get the OK from JR. At least the tour took in the River Caves as well as looking under the Derby Racer and Hiram Maxim’s Flying Machine. The tours are always interesting and offer some unique photo opportunities.

Dolly was up to his usual form and proceeded to embarrass me again during lunch, much to the amusement of the other attendees. It was great that he and I had this “understanding” and got on so well because it made arranging the trips so much easier! My dad (who was a regular attendee on the WKW trips) always got a bit worried when Brian was in the area. I don’t know why!

Our Saturday ERSs were on the Big One and the Rollercoaster. Sunday saw us have the familiar joint Grand National and Ice Blast ERS.

This year was the year that I decided to do the lesser-known rides at BPB rather than the main white-knuckle attractions. I hadn’t realised how many hidden gems BPB had “on park.” Particular favourites included the Gold Mine and Noah’s Ark. Blackpool Pleasure Beach really is a special place.