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Hands on 6

7th September 2002



Linz Hoy
The best quote of the weekend came at the unofficial meet at Blackpool the day after. “How do we turn around? – Oh my God, are we going to have to do that backwards?” (Kerry realises too late that the Revolution has to get back to the station somehow!)

Back at Southport, the Cyclone was great and running like a dream. King Solomon’s Mines – I loved it. That ride rocks! TraumaTizer was, well, TraumaTizer. Nuff said.

Queues at both parks were pretty short and the weather held out for most of the day.

Had a go on the Spin Doctor. Hmm. Not sure about that. Loved the ride – although way too short. Didn’t like the bit at end though when you sit at the top waiting for the other car to be reloaded. At that height, the car moves. A lot. Especially when windy. That was the only bit of the ride that scared me and would be the only reason for thinking twice about going back on it.

We went to American Adventure the following day. On the way home the car broke down so we got a ride in the AA van with the Big Flashing Lights (the highlight of the day!)


Mark Riley
The Southport Pleasureland Hands On day has become a staple part of the trips’ calendar. Organising this event has become very easy: we tell the park when we’d like to come along and they roll out the red carpet.

Members met for the Cyclone track walk while early morning tea and toast was served in Casablanca. Once fully awake we headed out onto the park.

The morning ERS consisted of the fabulous Fun House, TraumaTizerCyclone and the brand new Space Shot. The planned two and a quarter-hours exclusive ride time was extended by the park. This is just one example of how welcoming and enthusiastic Pleasureland are when it comes to our annual visit!

Another example was the wonderful buffet lunch provided by the park that included an array of hot and cold food. The final official event was also food related with the park serving coffee and cake during late afternoon.

Needless to say, we will return!


Justin Garvanovic
There’s not a lot that pleases me more than to see the changes taking place at Pleasureland. As the park has removed concessionaires and replaced them with new rides and buildings, the changes in the park have been staggering. And with the recent purchase of the adjacent Zoo and the removal of the final concessionaires, we all know that the best is yet to come.