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Standing Room Only 2
Drayton Manor


21st July 2002



Andy Rathe
Thanks go to all those involved in the organisation, the park for a fantastic buffet (I hope someone sends a photo to AT so they can see what a buffet “should” look like), and the Shockwave ride ops, who stayed behind so our ERS was twice as long as planned!

Chris Simon
Colin Bryan once again was the star of the show. Someone give him a pat on the back.

The “Fifth Element” adds yet another dimension to the amazing Intamin drop towers. Not exactly “stand up floorless,” more a cross between the sit-down and standup carriages – the legs-dangling of the sitdown, and the saddlebar arrangement of the standup. But absolutely breathtaking – I hadn’t imagined it would be any different from the existing carriages.

Robert Harries
Drayton Manor had been good enough to run two trains on Shockwave on Sunday, so there was no queue for the ERS. Also they allowed us to queue on the exit side of the station rather than having to go all the way round or through the fire exit door. So far so good!

Because not everyone was riding every time, there were plenty of gaps and we just jumped on when a gap appeared and we felt like another ride.

Andi Dent
Today was fantastic! I won the raffle for the prize trip up the lift hill with Justin! I’ve always wanted to go up a lift hill, if not for the opportunity of slapping hands that high up but for the buzz of being so high up and the photo opportunities!

I had ridden Stormforce in the back seats, 2/3 hours earlier in the day and still hadn’t dried out, so my brother and I chose the second row from the back. A ride-op came up to us (we were already sat down, ready to go) and asked us to stand up for a second. Then two members of the GP walked up and sat in our spaces, and she told us that we had to sit on the back row, because they didn’t want to! Not wanting another soaking I walked out of the exit, after queuing for just under an hour!

John Livesey
Our return trip was again a fantastic day. We had been invited back because of Apocalypse being down during our trip earlier in the year. Instead of the roast dinner, we decided to opt for a buffet lunch. This was a huge success and I’m sure the catering staff must have got their sums wrong with the amount of food that was made available to us! I always love Drayton’s catering!

This time we had our morning ERS split between Apocalypse and Maelstrom. Apocalypse was as intense as ever and the Maelstrom ERS proved to be a great crowd pleaser. The ride didn’t look to be too intense from the ground but there were some quite strong forces to be had at the top of the swing.

The now familiar take over of Storm Force 10 resulted in Justin and I walking up and down the line trying to rip off any “rain macs” people had brought along. We did succeed in most instances but some people were becoming wise to our efforts and didn’t put the macs on until boarding the boats. Cowards!

The hospitality was again top notch and Colin offered a lift walk of Shockwave to auction for our charity raising. We sold over £100.00 of raffle tickets. Andi Dent was the winner of the lift walk, which took place during the ERS.

Another great day at one of our favourite parks…