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Colossal Coastering
Thorpe Park

11th May 2002



Nige Harness
Thanks for another great trip. Really good fun at Thorpe, even though Colossus was less well lubricated than some of those riding it! Thank god I had a waterproof with me – Tidal Wave was a soaker but nothing like as wet as the log flume – which saw Trips Monkey pouring water over those who sat in front of him in the log!

All of you that survived 19 or 20 goes on Colossus deserve a medal. A couple of goes in a row was enough for a “normal” person like me! Vortex was my favourite ride of the day – great fun – and of course X which was, well, indescribable really. Could someone please explain it to me?


Trev Williams
Who won the chunder challenge indeed? Me! The bruises have already appeared on my shoulders.

It was a very tough competition. A more vicious way of weeding out riders will be needed next time me thinks!


John Livesey
Shortly after 09:00 we went into the park and had a 30 minute ERS on Vortex. It really is a great ride and possibly the most enjoyable/sociable ride in the park. If the gondola were to rotate a little faster then it would be a world class ride! Most people seemed to enjoy the session.

I had a few goes on Colossus straight after the ERS and noticed that it had become a little rougher than earlier in the year. There was noticeable vibration in the car too. I still think that there’s one in-line twist too many!

It is a great ride for the park and with the combination of the new ride next year I really believe Thorpe will overtake Alton as the UK’s best Theme Park.

Next up was an X ride. A few of the group had never ridden X, so we “treated” them to the experience. The look of disappointment and bemusement after the ride summed it up for me. Just what is the point of the ride and why did I ride it again?

Lunch approached and I’m happy to say that the meal was far superior to the one given at Alton. The staff were friendly and the burgers were top notch. Jim Lawrence took the chance to fleece a few people for merchandise during the break!

We had a take-over of Tidal Wave shortly after lunch and we had a whole boat to ourselves. Justin, Martian, Steve and I took the front seat but ducked just as the boat hit the water which ensured the people behind us got drenched. I was amazed because I got off the ride relatively dry.

Next up was a Logger’s Leap takeover by a few members. It’s from here that my memory gets a bit cloudy but I’m sure there was an irresponsible idiot near the back of our “log” that kept throwing water onto the people in front. If I ever catch that person then I’d like to shake his hand! The water fight that ensued was mental and we got off wetter than after riding Tidal Wave!


Justin Garvanovic
This was our first visit to Thorpe where we could ride – we had the AGM there earlier in the year. The reason for the trip to Thorpe Park was simple – Colossus. The UK was once home to the longest coaster (the Ultimate) but it has since lost that title, so for a UK coaster to have the “world’s most inversions” was pretty impressive. To still have it is even more impressive, and it looks like keeping it for some time yet.

It was one of our most successful trips to date, as the park had really created a lot of interest, and rightly so. Colossus was a big hit, although an odd vibration had started to make itself apparent. During the ERS we had a competition to see how many rides could be got in one hour. We all expected plenty of people not to be able to make every ride possible, but amazingly some did! The top amount was 21, which meant riding every other train of the two train ERS. Some people are mad!

The day also included a 30 minute ERS on Vortex, their KMG Afterburner. It’s a Spin ride that doesn’t spin much, so is accessible to a wide range of people – myself included. It’s a very sociable ride for an ERS, with everyone facing each other.

Luckily for me Thorpe is my local park, so to see the levels on investment being lavished upon it is even more pleasing. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Nemesis was being built, and Europe got its first B&M. The idea at this point of the small family park in Staines getting one as well was ludicrous. X:\No Way Out was still two years away!