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White Knuckle Weekend 6

4-6th July 2003

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4th July – Blackpool Pleasure Beach

6th July – Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Simon Baynham
The day started at 08:30 with about 100 of us having pre-ERS drinks in the Star Pub. Said ‘hello’ to various people known previously as face-less internet/email friends. 09:30 saw the ERS on The Big One with two trains running as well as the Jim’ll Fix It charity ride on the Revolution. Stood below the loop to see the riders consuming (!) their beverages and food, the stench of strawberry milkshake was just about bearable! Richard Foster was covered in what I believe was vanilla ice cream. It looked like he’d been assaulted by a giant bird; ice cream was all over his clothing and hair.

After dinner in the Italian Job (Pizza, drink and buffet). Justin Garvanovic escorted a few of us around the new Big Blue Hotel – BPB’s new hotel. Talk about posh… but then for £60/night it should be! What a wonderful view of the Pleasure Beach with The Big DipperBig One and Steeplechase but a stones-throw from the window.

Mark Riley
For me the highlights were the blindfold dodgems (and seeing Kev Winkley smash into the barrier at full pelt!), being put in a headlock by a Viking, and the group takeover of the excellent Fruit Shoot!

Martin Valt
Sunday was an excellent day (sorry I couldn’t make it on Saturday). For me the Wild Mouse ERS was a much better option than Ice Blast. Thanks again for a great day.

Robert Harries
Lisa and I were the ones that did just one ‘Mouse (too painful!) and loads of ‘Nationals. I’m a total convert to the front of the train, not as much airtime, but much better quality, especially over Valentines.

Mark Riley
Our Blackpool weekend is always a fun-packed event and this year was no exception. Members were able to meet on Friday night to pre-register for the weekend. This year we gathered in the Star pub where the party went on well into the early hours!

Any cobwebs from the night before were blown away by our morning Exclusive Ride Session on The Big One.

The brave (insane?) spent the first hour getting extremely messy on Revolution – all in the name of charity. Eating while riding again proved very difficult, with most of the food and drink managing to miss mouths, and go just about every else instead! Give Kids the World once again benefited from members riding the Revolution with milk-shakes, cream cakes, and all manner of messy food! Well done one and all.

The weekend continued with a couple of great group meals as well as an exclusive ride session on the Roller Coaster, Superbowl (the Bumper Car ERS has now become a very firm favourite), Grand National and, new this year, the Wild Mouse.

Thanks to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for hosting yet another fantastic weekend! See you all again next year!