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Annual Club Meeting
Drayton Manor

22nd February 2003



Chris Bennett
Just wanted to pass on my thanks to everyone involved with the AGM. I had an absolutely fantastic day, it certainly made a change to a usual park visit. Colin being able to give us the ‘OK’ to do things other parks would never even dream of letting us do, was also great. He’s a top man!

Linz Hoy
Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the whole day, not least because it was my birthday and I got a cake!

That was a real surprise, and a huge thank you to everyone involved in the planning, and to Jenny for actually sorting it all out. Eight hours in a freezing cold closed park has honestly been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! Fantastic!

Paul Orsmond
Personally I thought it was a really good day out. It’s always nice to go to a park in the off season and get a behind the scenes tour. Also top marks must go to Colin Bryan, as not many managers would give you such a unique behind the scenes tour like this. It was also great when he said it was fine to climb all over Klondike’ which even included climbing up the lift hill.

Mark Riley
Just a few weeks after New Year, Drayton Manor hosted our out-of-season AGM. The day kicked off with a tour of the park. The first thing we were able to see was the new ride – Excalibur, a Dragon’s Tale – being readied for its inaugural season. Colin Bryan, Drayton’s MD, was clearly very excited about this – and with good reason. Next, we were taken through the Shockwave station, where the train was being reassembled after the winter checks. A full walk through the drained rapids ride and access to the Klondike Gold Mine ride concluded the morning.

The AGM/meeting part of the day consisted of talks and presentations by various team members. Our keynote speaker was Dr Alan Mann of Babtie who gave a very interesting presentation on the London Eye. Nick Laister from the Save Dreamland Campaign highlighted the issues surrounding Dreamland and the fate of the much-loved Scenic Railway.

Drayton also provided the group with an excellent three-course meal. A great day was had by all.

Justin Garvanovic
This was just how an AGM should be. A great venue, with a room perfectly suited to our needs. A great park, where the boss – the superb Colin Bryan – was on hand to give us a tour around the park himself. So when you asked, “Is it possible to walk around the dried out Rapids?” He gave his answer there and then. Fortunately he said yes, and all those in attendance had a great story to tell when they came back later in the year. “I walked down there I did” – was later heard on several occasions during the “proper” October trip.