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Pleasureland Hands on 7
In a Spin

30-31st August 2003

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Simon Baynham
I have never done a trackwalk before, so the opportunity to do one here was not to be missed. I must admit that it was a pretty hair-raising experience; quite literally one false step and you might slip. Those hills are surprisingly steep!

A takeover of the Wildcat (small steely) was an enjoyable one. It rode surprisingly smoothly, I never before realised that it has flanged wheels rather than side-friction wheels!

Mark Riley
Once again Southport offered Club members the chance to walk the tracks of Cyclone, their vintage wooden coaster, to kick off the annual trip to the Pleasureland whilst others enjoyed the warmth of Casablanca’s for morning tea and toast. Then came the main event: a full two hours of exclusive ride session around the park! The Fun House came first with the usual good mannered mayhem followed quickly with a ninety minute ERS on both Cyclone and TraumaTizer. It’s a formula that’s very hard to beat.

An exceptional buffet lunch was served for the group shortly after the ride time. It was then time to hit the park before yet more hospitality in the form of afternoon coffee and cake!

Can we have more of the same next year please?

Camelot has been through something of a bad patch over the past few years. Therefore it was a great that our first trip to the park was a great success. Our visit provided many members with their first chance to ride Camelot’s new Whirlwind Maurer spinning coaster during our hour long ERS. What a superb coaster! The size of the ride certainly belies the fun and action in store!

As well as the ERS, Camelot gave everyone a food token redeemable at the Park’s food outlets. Certainly the park looked after the group and we hope very much to return again soon.