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Tour de Force 3

25-28th April 2003



Malcolm Marr
First stop was a surprise visit to Hotel Land, a small but extremely well themed walk through attraction where you’re invited to carry your luggage into a reception area. The staff, who looked just like real hotel receptionists, would then tell you that you’re in the wrong hotel, at which point you are shown to the exit. A short attraction which left us almost as perplexed as X:/No Way Out but a real nice surprise to start us off.

I was a bit disappointed with the Disney park. I’m not the biggest fan to begin with. I’m not sure the concept works well in a multilingual environment. This isn’t just because my French is limited but just the problems it throws up with how to present the shows and attractions. I also think the choice of rides needs improving. The movie world should really be a part of the main park too, not a park in itself. Disney makes a point of promoting the magic in the park. I think I experienced more magic at Nigloland, but that’s a personal opinion.

Brian McCafferty
I had a great time on the trip, even though it was my first and I was kinda scared. I don’t know why, as it was just great. I will definitely be on more trips in the future – it was just so much fun! Nigloland was one of the best days. Tonnerre de Zeus was the best ride for me. I think Space Mountain was OK… I liked it anyway. Goudurix, I was expecting to get hurt on from what I had been told, but it was not too bad at all.

The most scary part of the whole trip for me was on Maxximum at the fair – I thought my world was coming to an end – never again!

Daniel Spooner
A great trip! I think that Goudurix was not as bad as people make it out to be. I was glad as I had a headache on that day anyway! I thought Nigloland was the most enjoyable park on the trip and the fair was really fun.

Mark Riley
Tour de Force: four days of fun in and around the Paris area. Our first destination was the huge Foire du Trone, the largest fairground in France. The maddest ride had to be Maxximum, a Booster style ride that pulled 6G. It makes the Goose Fair look like a village fête!

Day Two brought Parc Asterix and our date with Tonnerre de Zeus. Our ERS on this mammoth wooden coaster was very much anticipated and rightly so. ‘Zeus retains the world class thrills it has become famous for.

Following the ERS we headed over to try the Park’s new dark ride, Transdemonium. This amazing ‘second generation ghost train’ was a true thrill. Our very own Jean-Marc has been heavily involved in the ride concept, installation and theatrical design. He is clearly very proud of his new toy!

Nigloland was a park that very few had visited before. On Day Three we found a beautiful family theme park which contained some really impressive rides. The Bat and Space Experience (Spatiale Experience) provided the morning ERS and impressed a lot of people.

Finally we arrived at our final destination: Disneyland Paris. Many chose to try out the new Studios park first before entering the Disneyland Park. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster certainly stunned those that tried it, whereas Big Thunder Mountain was hailed king of the main park.